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All moved in and settled


Well, it has been some time since I last posted a blog, this has been because it has been a very very hectic few months.

We finally received the keys for our new premises and we promptly went about decorating it and adding extra shelving space for our increasing product range which is well over 1100 as we speak.

The move was hard graft as you can imagine, whilst spending about 4 days moving stock from our existing unit to our new as you can imagine, its not just the stock that needed moving but also the packaging, the computers printers, tables and what seemed like a million other things.

We are now though after nearly two moths here finally settled with just a few more thing to sort out but nothing too urgent that cannot wait until we have a quiet period.

We are busy now leading upto Christmas and we hope you can pop into our shop and have a look at what we have and take advantage of our special offers, we are offering all twitter followers a 10% discount of any item, just type twitter at checkout, this has been mentioned in previous blogs.

Finally I would like to wish you a happy Christmas and a happy new year as I will not be posting again until 2016,

Lee, Darren, Conor, Roger and Roz (Redroosteruk)